History :

South Korea has been able to achieve significant economic growth in spite of facing wars and undesirable economic conditions. The high rank in innovation and achievement of high economic growth and special attention to the development of small and medium industries in the last decade in this country, on the one hand, and its long-standing relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the other hand, has led to the selection of the economic jump pattern . Following the agreement of 5 + 1, the agreement was reached and after the visit of the President of the Republic of Korea to Iran, certain goals were set for Iran-Korea relations. The most important is the increase in trade between the two countries to $ 17 billion. In this regard, the Organization for Small Industries and Industrial Cities of Iran, as a trustee of the small and medium-sized industries of the country, tried to expand the field of cooperation between the two sides, especially in the field of development of small and medium industries. In March 1394, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Small Industries and Industrial Cities of Iran, the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises, and South Korea's Startups (MSS).

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Cooperation, the Small and Medium-Sized Technology Development Program was launched, followed by the training course for technology development consultants held in Tehran in March 1395 in Tehran and with the Co-founder and 50 Technology Development Advisers Trained across the country. In September of 1395, with the presence of Deputy Minister of the Interior and Managing Director of the Small Industries and Industrial Cities of Iran and chairman of the Small and Medium Industry Organization of South Korea, the Center for Technology Exchange of Iran and South Korea was opened. With the launch of the center, the exchange of technology and the strengthening of cooperation between the two small and medium-sized industries through the center will take place.

Introduction :

The Joint Technology Transfer Center of Iran and Korea is an institution for the development of cooperation between small and medium enterprises of the two countries in the direction of synergy due to the sharing of technology, innovation and joint ventures for the development of economic and commercial goals.

Goals :

Since the ultimate goal of joint economic activities is increasing competitiveness in international, national and regional markets, access to more effective sources of value generation and collaborative collaboration on the optimal use of existing capital is obvious and vital and Because technology and innovation are two critical factors for the dynamism and development of economic activities and the increased investment efficiency of economic operators, technology transfer centers such as IKTEC can serve as converging centers for new ideas and technologies. Production and delivery of distinctive services Competitive in the fields of investment and development of economic activities are very effective.

Therefore, IKTEC's main objectives are defined as follows:

Creation of convergence and synergy of joint economic activities of small and medium enterprises of Iran and South Korea based on the exchange of technology, investment development and joint production of products.
Development of national and transnational markets of economic activists of the two countries based on more value-added economic activities (based on modern technologies and innovation)
Main activities:

Identification and documentation of technological needs by a network of advisers and central agents that can not be provided within the country and sent to the Kareh and coordinate and provide the necessary support for holding meetings between the applicant and the provider of technology and the establishment of bilateral cooperation based on the exchange of technology Joint venture, joint venture production, and so on.
Integration of new ideas and technologies to empower economic actors to make more effective use of capital and production, industrial and service activities.
Introduction of economic activities with justification for persuading Iranian investors and activists to enter advanced and superior technology businesses
Introducing Opportunities and Advantages to Persuade Korean Investors and Economic Activists to Invest and Cooperate with Iranian Economic Activists (Due to Access to Cheap Energy, Raw Materials, Manpower, the Internal Market of Iran and the Western Asia Regional Market). .)
Advising parties (Iranian and Korean) to promote their economic activities based on cooperation between them.
The provision of support and facilities (both by the government of Iran and Korea) to promote joint activities